Western Power Distribution study into "virtual private wires"

Lux Nova provided legal and commercial input into Western Power Distribution’s study into opportunities and models for locally matched electricity networks.

Working together with an expert consortium brought together by our client, Open Utility Limited, we provided regulatory input into this study.  Our role was to explain the regulatory boundaries to lawful distribution and supply activity, in connection with renewable electricity generation balanced with local electricity consumption, as well as explaining barriers to extension of some of the concepts involved and the limiting factors that presented on “virtual private wire” models. Based on our market knowledge, we were also able to highlight where market opportunities would arise, helping to direct other aspects of the work undertaken by other members of the consortium.

 The study is important in dismissing one model of ‘virtual private wire’ as non-viable but also identifying the potential value in another model, based on locational DUoS charging.  This is feeds into a broader programme of activity we are involved in, with a number of clients and independently, to promote the wider system, environmental and societal benefits ‘local energy’ and consumer engagement.

To learn more, take a look at the study here.