We want to see projects delivered; not plates spinning.

We give expert legal support to projects to make them happen. The legal advice we give is genuinely commercial because we can call on a lot of practical experience, not just legal theory.  If it looks bad, we’ll say so. If it looks like there’s a better way of doing things, we’ll say so. We’ll call a spade a spade and our clients like that.  We’ll also pull out all stops when the job requires it. Unsurprisingly, our clients like that too.

The relationships we have with our clients, with our subject and with the sector are the lifeblood of our business. So we invest time and effort in developing each.  We bring new thoughts to the table and support our clients move their businesses forwards, just as we’re moving our business forwards too.  We’ve helped start-ups work up and refine their product offerings and business strategy.  We’ve helped established businesses move into new areas.  We’ve helped change the way some business is done. And we support our clients through the life-cycle of their projects, through thick and thin.

Of course, our work comes at a cost. We’re not aiming to be the cheapest. But we’re refreshingly open and straightforward about how we price. Where we can, we offer fixed pricing – and when we say fixed, we mean fixed. Some clients want hourly rates, so we offer them but we’ll always give an honest and as good an indication of the likely cost as we can. No games. We’d prefer to lose a job than to present a misleadingly low estimate.  And, for some jobs, we can look at alternative pricing structures, where our reward is pegged more closely to project success or size.  We have the flexibility to tailor our pricing appropriately to the instruction, in a way that most of our competitors can’t. 

However our pricing is built up, with a senior-only lawyer team, our clients aren’t paying for learning on the job. They get access to expert advice from well connected, creative commercial and legal thinkers.

Our clients get excellent service that is always excellent value.

we bring expertise

We are all experienced specialists so our clients benefit from our legal expertise, our commercial focus and our broad market knowledge.

we charge fairly

We provide legal support delivered on a value for money basis aligned with our clients’ objectives. That means:

  • remuneration structures that recognise the stage of development of the client’s business and the value of the project and that reward success

  • fixed fees for a defined scope of work

  • traditionally priced legal services for those clients that prefer time-based charging

we deliver

Our output is high-quality advice, pitched at the right level for the job and for the client, and with a strong track-record of delivering solutions and thinking outside the box.

we add value

See how we’ve helped some of our clients, here.

we work flexibly

We are based in London, Edinburgh and Amsterdam but we work all over the world.