Piclo launch capacity market platform with all seven DNOs

Clean energy innovator Piclo (previously known as Open Utility) has been building software for the energy market since 2013.  Lux Nova have supported Open Utility from an early stage in development including the commercialisation of its peer-matching platform for clean energy suppliers, which was launched by Good Energy as Selectricity in 2016.   

In 2017 Piclo turned their software expertise towards a new challenge.  The UK’s Distribution Service Providers (“DSOs”) were under pressure to use innovative approaches procure grid flexibility from providers such as batteries, DSR, decentralised generation. With BEIS funding, Piclo embarked on an innovation project with DSOs to develop an online marketplace for Distribution System Operator flexibility services.  Lux Nova provided legal advice and drafting on the innovation stage collaboration agreements with DSOs.  We also advised on the implications of GDPR and new data protection laws in relation to all aspects of Piclo’s business and products. 

Following successful conclusion of the BEIS trial, Lux Nova provided legal support to enable Piclo Flex to launch on a commercial basis to Flex providers and DSOs.Working collaboratively with the client we drafted bespoke platform terms of service and system operator service agreements. Piclo has now signed commercial agreements with all 6 DSOs and over 175 Flex Providers in the UK and is involved in further innovation collaboration projects to test and develop integrated clean energy systems, such as Project Leo in Oxford, which promises to be one of the most wide-ranging and holistic smart grid trials ever conducted in the UK.