Lux Nova Partners is a law firm with a difference.

We’re a group of environmentalist lawyers who have been working in the clean energy sector for many years. We’re all senior lawyers who’ve come from top law firms but we wanted to create something new that would be a bit different and that could make a real difference. 

The firm started when Tom, Louisa and Sandy, left in 2015 to set up on their own. We wanted to shed the pressures of chasing targets and attending pointless management meetings that added nothing to client service, our efforts to transform the market to tackle climate change,  or our own happiness. Instead, we wanted to focus exclusively on the types of work that we chose, to deliver it to the highest standards of client care and to work in a way that suited us and our clients. We wanted to be free to work for our major clean energy clients whilst developing new business models and helping develop new sub-sectors of the clean energy market.  We took back control of our work and our lives. 

And it worked!

Since setting up Lux Nova, three became five when we were joined by friends and former colleagues, Rory and David, then seven when joined by Robert and Nik, eight when joined by Stephen and we have continued to expand since with the addition of Sushma and Zohra. Each time we’ve grown, we’ve added further experience, skills and connections that are complementary and that strengthen, without ever diluting, the Lux Nova offering or ethos.