ADECOE’s innovation project too improve social housing through smart data

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Adecoe is a small business with deep experience in helping the social housing industry meet its energy and climate change challenges.

Adecoe required legal support on a new venture creating a software platform and commercial offering called “Hygge”, which will enable social housing landlords to reduce energy spend and carbon emissions whilst improving maintenance cost performance.  Partly funded by Climate-KIC, the innovative project involved relationships with energy suppliers, landlords and tenants and using granular energy data from smart meters and housing stock technical data.  Legal issues needed to be considered from the start in terms of data protection laws, energy regulation, commercial relationships and intellectual property protection, to ensure the business was compliant, protected and scalable.

Lux Nova was able to offer a special innovation package to fit with client requirements and budgets. Through meetings, calls and a detailed memo of advice, we provided analysis of how data protection laws and energy regulation applied to the design of the software and the commercial relationships, as well as support on IP protection and drafting NDAs.  In particular, we advised on how consents or other lawful bases might be used to ensure data protection compliance.

Lux Nova’s advice helped Adecoe future-proof the way they set up the commercial relationships and designed the database, software and processes, taking into account the applicable legal frameworks.We also helped the client understand the options for protecting their product through intellectual property rights and commercial agreements.