Verderg develop first-of-kind run of the river hydro projects

VerdErg Logo.jpeg

We have advised VerdErg on their first of kind, run of the river hydro projects. VerdErg developed the co-axial VETT technology (Venturi-enhanced Turbine Technology) which produces cost effective hydrodynamic power from low head (i.e. shallow water) projects in rivers and estuaries, by pressure amplification.

The nature of the technology is cost effective but with a low impact on the environment, particularly for fish. VerdErg’s mission recognises that “attempts to lower the carbon footprint go in vain if our solutions do not also work in conjunction with the environment”.

We first worked with VerdErg in 2015 on their Dalston project, a proposed 40kw scheme on the river Caldew, advising on commercial arrangements, including PPAs, development agreements and leasing documentation. We then advised on the Eaton Socon project, the first commercial deployment of a VETT installation on the Great Ouse River at an old mill pond. The scheme which was constructed through 2018 will provide electricity to the mill building which is now the River Mill pub and restaurant.

The VETT technology has great scope to be deployed in tidal flows as well as rivers in a manner which minimises impacts on flora and fauna, due to its ability to amplify a low head of water, rather than requiring a maximum tidal range. We look forward to seeing the roll out of this innovative technology.